Experimental-Rock  from  Louisiana


Currently, we are taking time-off from shows in order to work on new music/recordings for the next album. At our most recent shows, we introduced a few songs, and there is a wider variety to come. We look forward to playing shows again, when the time is right, and letting you in on these fresh sounds we hold dear. 

Until then, we have some live recordings to release very soon, and we are amazed with how they sound So, stay tuned.

In other happenings, our core musicians has transformed into a duo. We have profound gratitude for each of our brethren hounds who have added so much to the pack in previous seasons. It has thus come time to adapt and evolve again.

We are looking forward to the experimental and collaborative nature of how Phase III is setting out. It is challenging us to explore the potential reaches of the coming music, with dangerous curiosity.

Thank you, for listening.


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